Restoration Schedule

Remediation Approved and Supervised by MDE

The remediation plan has been approved and will be supervised by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE).

Work will begin with the construction of access roads and the preparation of equipment storage and cleaning areas. All fencing surrounding the park will remain to ensure that there is no access to the park during remediation and restoration activities.

Results from an air monitoring program, which will be conducted both onsite and at the property boundaries during the work, will be posted at the park and on this website. The air monitoring program began the week of May 5th.

Soil Removal

On Wednesday, May 28th, we began the removal of contaminated soil, which is being taken to an approved offsite disposal facility. This work should take about two/three weeks. Generally, the soil will be loaded directly into trucks; however, if soil piles have to remain onsite at the end of the day, they will be covered and secured.

Storm Drain Installation, Grading and Clean Soil

A new storm drain will be installed. The park will then be graded and a two-foot layer of clean soil will be placed over the entire 11-acre park. Clean soil will be brought onto the park between late June and late July.